Building Backlinks on Complete Autopilot

If there is one thing I love about software, it is it’s ability to take tedious tasks and completely automate them for you. Something that used to take hours upon hours to do can now be done in seconds – thanks to the advancement of software.

A good example of this is backlink building. It used to take me an hour to build a handful of backlinks – a lot of which wouldn’t even be there the next day.

Thanks to automation software tools though, that process can now be largely automated. In fact, with some of the top SEO WP plugins and software available today, you can build hundreds upon hundreds of backlinks with the click of a button.

Whether it is a desktop software or a WordPress plugin, one truth remains: You need backlinks, and you need lots of them pointing to your site if you want it to rank well. Especially if you are trying to make a dent in a competitive niche in hopes of ranking for competitive keywords and keyphrases.

It is often said that Search Engines – especially Google – don’t count backlinks anymore and that all they now care about is social signals (like facebook likes and shares, GPlus, twitter or any other mainstream social site broadcast). Nothing could be further from the truth though.

According to Mr Matt Cutts himself (head of Google spam team), backlinks are still the #1 factor Google considers when ranking sites.

As such, backlinks are still ultra important and it will be very hard to get any sort of ranking without them.

If you hate the thought of building backlinks yourself manually, may I suggest investing in a software or WP plugin that will do it for you? I know I hinted at the Samson Elite plugin earlier, and it is indeed ones I use, but you’re definitely not limited to that one. There are a lot of good options out there.

Although I will say: Samson Elite has got to be the most hands-off one of them all!

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