Can Backlinks Still Help Your Website Gain A Higher Search Engine Ranking?

You may have heard the term backlinks in regards to building a better website that may help you rank higher on the search engines. Is this really true can you build a long list of backlinks to that help advance your position on each the search engines?

Well in years past backlinks were a highly favorable option when you were perusing an high ranking, but since then the search engines have changed their algorithms making it much hard to follow that example. Although in many case backlinks are still good, you just need to know the best way to go about getting them.

Here is an example video of a backlink building WordPress plugin that automates the tedious tasks, but is it really all it is exclaimed to be?

We all remember the times when marketers would just say keep building backlinks, the more the better off you will be as search engines must be convinced that you have a very popular website. Not the case anymore since search engine companies have grown wiser and more sophisticated in how they view traffic to your website.

To rank higher on the search engines there is a combination of important steps that each website owner must address. First and foremost you have to have a website with highly relevant content. No matter how many backlinks you have coming into your site, if your content is poor, copied from elsewhere and not original or unique, then what good is your website? This is what the search engines see: an outdated website that nobody updates or is only there as a monetary site to try and get a ranking.

This is not to say that all backlinks are bad. Again, now we’re getting back to relevancy, especially highly relevant. This means what is trending today, what’s in the news today and also who is sending you the links. The bigger important websites who have linked to your website is a good get.

When you first begin your website is going to have no relevancy because nobody knows who you are. One thing that you have to remember is that building a relevant site for the search engines takes time and patience. It also takes someone who is willing to put in the time educating themselves on different ways to draw traffic to their website.

One way to draw traffic is through social media. Posting interesting highly unique videos on social media websites can get you a following depending on many people watch and like it. If you can draw an audience with your videos that is a great first step. Actually that can really propel your website the fastest since video marketing today is quickly becoming the number one source of driving web traffic.

If you are a good writer or can be somewhat coherent in your thoughts, there are many important websites that have places to leave comments. You can also write opinion articles at these websites and leave your tag. Meaning leave your contact information such as your web address where you can be reached. If you write interesting information that people find valuable they will link to it from their website.

Building backlinks takes a lot of time but with a little bit of ingenuity, a knowledge of the importance of which websites are good for getting a backlink from, you can slowly but surely move up in the rankings. It also helps to listen to some of the top online marketers to see what’s trending now. When you figure out the trends then that’s where you need to be. Form a presence there and add interesting information of your own to conversation, as this is an excellent way to pick up backlinks. Websites generating lots of traffic are the best source of backlinks.

Keep tabs on the mobile market today, especially with videos. So many in the 18-34 demographic are interested in catchy videos and will sit on their smartphones and tablets all day long forwarding these videos. Come up with a video, post it to a social media site, then just like that you can get a ton of traffic pouring in. But of course your video must be good, as there is so much competition in this area.
Videos and SEO
Everyone is always interested in the topic of backlinks since at one time it was the most popular way to boost your ranking. But today search engines have change their algorithms to make things more complicated, so in that regard everything you do must be thought of as is this highly relevant to today’s news.

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