7 Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Getting your website into search engines is one of the first steps you take when trying to get it off the ground. Most people start out with a search engine when looking for a new website, and being on the first page is essential to being visible.
Search Engine Marketing
If you want to improve your Google Search Result rankings, you’ll need to use SEO in order to do so. SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of making a page easy for search engines to crawl and rank.

Here are 7 tips that will help you rise up in the ranks:

Use keywords in your content

Keywords in SEO
When someone is searching for your page, they type in specific words that they think will bring up a page related to what they want. This could be something like “Dog training” if they have a problem puppy, or more specifically, “Why won’t my dog stop barking?” If the problem is a dog that barks. When you are trying to get ranked for a specific keyword, your best bet is to try for something very specific, like the dog barking one. There are millions of pages listed for dog training, yet much fewer for the dog barking one. You can improve your odds of being ranked by choosing specific keywords that really narrow down your focus.

Make sure your keywords appear in the heading of your page as well as in the content, so that the bots that crawl your page have a better chance of picking up these keywords.

Take advantage of alt tags in your images

Meta tags in Search Engine Optimization
Alt Tags can help you improve your google search rank by helping give the search engine more information. You should use the alt tags as a very short description, and then the title and description for more detailed information. This doesn’t just help your search engine rankings—it also helps people who are visually impaired get a better understanding of your website. Be sure that these descriptions are understandable for a human too, and you may delight and amaze a handicapped person with better accessibility to your site.

Follow Google’s Webmaster Instructions

Google doesn’t like it when your website is set up to be inefficient or difficult to use. While we may not always mean to, it is helpful to get a good look at the instructions provided by Google and follow their recommendations if we want to rank highly on their website. You can check out their instructions here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35769?hl=en

But in a nutshell what they are looking for is fairly reasonable. They ask that you submit a sitemap to google, that you keep your links on the page to a few thousand at most. If you want to make it easier on Google, keep your robots.txt file up to date to help keep bots from crawling your search engines forever.

Create content that is long enough

Creating SEO Optimized Content
While tiny blog posts have their place in the world, Google doesn’t place much stock in pages under 200 words. Make sure that you have enough content on the page so that Google isn’t favoring other, more robust pages over yours. Try to make pages with about 500 words of content on them, with an occasional 1,500 word post to really give your rankings a boost. These are the prime numbers for content.

Create content people actually want to see

While SEO can get your website in front of more people, no one is going to want to visit a page that is all keywords and no great content, your customers will leave as quickly as they have come. Make sure that your content is well written, useful, and enjoyable.

Make sure you use paragraphs appropriately, and use subheadings to break up the text. A solid block of words is very intimidating and few readers care enough about your content to sit there and try and read it. Most will just move on.

Edit your work appropriately

It isn’t just paragraphing that needs to be perfect. If you misspell your keywords, or have a lot of other mistakes, customers won’t take you seriously. Spend a little time reading your articles aloud and run them through a basic spell checker. Your viewers will appreciate the extra effort, and be more likely to recommend your website to a friend. It is also sometimes helpful to print out your work and look at it closely on paper. Changing how you look at your article can help your brain discover typos or words that have been switched by your spellchecker.

The more backlinks you have, the better off you are

Backlinks are any links to your website from an unrelated website. Google views these links as lending your website “Authority” and it is a sensible way to do so. After all, if someone else is willing to link to your website as a reference, than it must be worth seeing, right? The more links you have from outside sources, the more authority you have and the higher your ranking will be.

Studies have shown that even with great SEO and great content, your unlikely to rise in ranking without the assistance of backlinks. Luckily, you can help spread backlinks yourself by commenting on related blogs with a (back)link to your website, and sharing your link on social media. The more you get the word out there, the higher your rankings will rise.

Getting one of those coveted first page rankings on Google can take a lot of work. Still, it is well worth the effort. Once you’ve used these tips to get your website search engine optimized, you will be well on your way to that first page.

You’ll also benefit because using many of these same SEO techniques will leave you a better writer, and give your clients a richer experience on your page. Take your time to make each page on your website look and sound as good as you can make it, and you will be rewarded with happy people who are quick to recommend your website to a friend.

Building Backlinks on Complete Autopilot

If there is one thing I love about software, it is it’s ability to take tedious tasks and completely automate them for you. Something that used to take hours upon hours to do can now be done in seconds – thanks to the advancement of software.

A good example of this is backlink building. It used to take me an hour to build a handful of backlinks – a lot of which wouldn’t even be there the next day.

Thanks to automation software tools though, that process can now be largely automated. In fact, with some of the top SEO WP plugins and software available today, you can build hundreds upon hundreds of backlinks with the click of a button.

Whether it is a desktop software or a WordPress plugin, one truth remains: You need backlinks, and you need lots of them pointing to your site if you want it to rank well. Especially if you are trying to make a dent in a competitive niche in hopes of ranking for competitive keywords and keyphrases.

It is often said that Search Engines – especially Google – don’t count backlinks anymore and that all they now care about is social signals (like facebook likes and shares, GPlus, twitter or any other mainstream social site broadcast). Nothing could be further from the truth though.

According to Mr Matt Cutts himself (head of Google spam team), backlinks are still the #1 factor Google considers when ranking sites.

As such, backlinks are still ultra important and it will be very hard to get any sort of ranking without them.

If you hate the thought of building backlinks yourself manually, may I suggest investing in a software or WP plugin that will do it for you? I know I hinted at the Samson Elite plugin earlier, and it is indeed ones I use, but you’re definitely not limited to that one. There are a lot of good options out there.

Although I will say: Samson Elite has got to be the most hands-off one of them all!

Can Backlinks Still Help Your Website Gain A Higher Search Engine Ranking?

You may have heard the term backlinks in regards to building a better website that may help you rank higher on the search engines. Is this really true can you build a long list of backlinks to that help advance your position on each the search engines?

Well in years past backlinks were a highly favorable option when you were perusing an high ranking, but since then the search engines have changed their algorithms making it much hard to follow that example. Although in many case backlinks are still good, you just need to know the best way to go about getting them.

Here is an example video of a backlink building WordPress plugin that automates the tedious tasks, but is it really all it is exclaimed to be?

We all remember the times when marketers would just say keep building backlinks, the more the better off you will be as search engines must be convinced that you have a very popular website. Not the case anymore since search engine companies have grown wiser and more sophisticated in how they view traffic to your website.

To rank higher on the search engines there is a combination of important steps that each website owner must address. First and foremost you have to have a website with highly relevant content. No matter how many backlinks you have coming into your site, if your content is poor, copied from elsewhere and not original or unique, then what good is your website? This is what the search engines see: an outdated website that nobody updates or is only there as a monetary site to try and get a ranking.

This is not to say that all backlinks are bad. Again, now we’re getting back to relevancy, especially highly relevant. This means what is trending today, what’s in the news today and also who is sending you the links. The bigger important websites who have linked to your website is a good get.

When you first begin your website is going to have no relevancy because nobody knows who you are. One thing that you have to remember is that building a relevant site for the search engines takes time and patience. It also takes someone who is willing to put in the time educating themselves on different ways to draw traffic to their website.

One way to draw traffic is through social media. Posting interesting highly unique videos on social media websites can get you a following depending on many people watch and like it. If you can draw an audience with your videos that is a great first step. Actually that can really propel your website the fastest since video marketing today is quickly becoming the number one source of driving web traffic.

If you are a good writer or can be somewhat coherent in your thoughts, there are many important websites that have places to leave comments. You can also write opinion articles at these websites and leave your tag. Meaning leave your contact information such as your web address where you can be reached. If you write interesting information that people find valuable they will link to it from their website.

Building backlinks takes a lot of time but with a little bit of ingenuity, a knowledge of the importance of which websites are good for getting a backlink from, you can slowly but surely move up in the rankings. It also helps to listen to some of the top online marketers to see what’s trending now. When you figure out the trends then that’s where you need to be. Form a presence there and add interesting information of your own to conversation, as this is an excellent way to pick up backlinks. Websites generating lots of traffic are the best source of backlinks.

Keep tabs on the mobile market today, especially with videos. So many in the 18-34 demographic are interested in catchy videos and will sit on their smartphones and tablets all day long forwarding these videos. Come up with a video, post it to a social media site, then just like that you can get a ton of traffic pouring in. But of course your video must be good, as there is so much competition in this area.
Videos and SEO
Everyone is always interested in the topic of backlinks since at one time it was the most popular way to boost your ranking. But today search engines have change their algorithms to make things more complicated, so in that regard everything you do must be thought of as is this highly relevant to today’s news.